"CyberArk: Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure from Insider Threats"

Modern society depends heavily on vital infrastructure in this digital era, from power plants and water treatment facilities to banks and hospitals. However, these critical systems also present security threats from insiders who access them directly.

Whether intentional or accidental, insider threats pose a severe danger to businesses, employees, contractors, or any trusted insider with access to sensitive data or critical systems. These threats could potentially threaten any organisation and should always be taken seriously.

CyberArk, as one of the premier Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution providers, offers a comprehensive solution to protect critical infrastructure from insider threats; it assists organisations in protecting and administering privileged accounts that insider attacks may target, providing a robust shield against potential risks.

It provides secure and efficient management of privileged accounts; first, it centralises account administration across an organisation's entire infrastructure, then offers tools to discover, administer, and track individual privileged accounts across their infrastructure. This allows organisations to detect and prevent insider threats by showing who has access to specific systems or sensitive data.

CyberArk offers advanced privileged account authentication and access controls, including multi-factor authentication, which requires multiple forms of identification to gain entry to privileged accounts, making insider access less likely. With CyberArk, companies gain a real-time way of quickly spotting and responding to insider threats within minutes. It enables security teams to detect suspicious activities, such as accessing privileged accounts at odd hours or places, providing them with vital intelligence for swift action against potential damages.

This software captures and replays privileged account sessions for review by organisations, making them easily retrievable for reference later. Furthermore, it helps investigate insider threats and support any subsequent disciplinary or legal proceedings that might ensue. Insider attacks pose an enormous security threat to critical infrastructure and are commonly targeted against privileged accounts. CyberArk offers comprehensive privileged access management solutions with visibility, advanced authentication and access controls, real-time monitoring, alerting capability, and session recording and playback to effectively secure and administer privileged accounts.

Its solutions protect critical infrastructure against insider threats by safeguarding system data confidentiality, integrity and availability; this includes features such as:

Privileged Account Security: CyberArk offers solutions that safeguard and manage privileged accounts to help prevent access to sensitive systems and data; these solutions restrict privileged user sessions as they occur live and record real-time data for rapid detection and response to suspicious activities that might take place within their environment.

Access Control and Management: CyberArk's solutions enable organisations to effectively regulate privileged account and credential access so only users with permission needed for their respective roles can gain entry.

Managing Privileged Accounts: These privileged accounts pose a significant danger as cybercriminals and insider threats use them as leverage against an organisation's systems and data.

Safe Storage and Transfer: It securely stores and transmits privileged credentials to prevent unauthorised access, thus helping avoid insider access abuse.

Reporting, auditing: CyberArk offers auditing and reporting solutions that enable organisations to monitor privileged account activity while complying with relevant regulations.

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